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What’s occurring?

Posted on : 14-08-2012 | By : Mark | In : Car Stuff, The Hound


Well it’s been a while since more than one liners and testing features for another site, about a month ago I sent my best wishes at Goodwoods festival of slow to, Andrew, Ade and Paul went off into the great unknown, I have been helping keep Andrews sporadic chaotic updates adding to the plot my posts feature on that site, the same feature I’ll be using on my impending Scandinavian Tour in a few days time.

On the Car front I have had my Roady back a few months now and it has been running engine-wise nicely after the rebuild, I have had a catalogue of electrical ancillary items fail since! namely Alternator-Over Volting, Clutch actuator – failing when Over heating fine when cold – lost count of how many that is now, even the Optigear modified actuator failed something is fritzing the motors possibly the ECU damaging it? Then the wiper motor packed up in heavy rain at 70mph which was a tad blurry I can tell you – can’t really say I am surprised though as it was almost ten years old and it appears that the gearbox was seizing up, none electrically I had a flat once again at 70mph on the exact same stretch of road! almost like the car is under a hex there!

On the hound front he has just turned five and is dependable and a great comfort as ever.

[singlepic id=239 w=640 h=480 float=]


That was Saturday after some fun in the river “No, Archie don’t go in the river…..” fell on deaf ears! He had fun so what the heck. Off to the vets for his annual check up and jab etc.

The next few days will consist of trying to remember everything needed for our trip and fitting it into the car………

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