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Still alive

Posted on : 25-09-2012 | By : Mark | In : Computer/Gaming stuff


Typically I’m being a slacker, work and home none based stuff taking priority over computer stuff, until now that is, I’ve had a ten year work gift and treated myself to a Blockedls?id=nexus_7_16gb" target="_blank">Google Nexus7 a bit easier doing site updates than on my Galaxy S.

A painless operation getting started, switched on signed into my Google account and it setup up with my existing apps.

Easy quick, a few differences with its hardware, like no mass storage devices but MTP gotten around after two hours of playing with the device and installing drivers on my PC! whereas others have not been able to activate for file transfer, effectively the unit is seen as a media device when connected via USB.

Case on order, more info as I work with it.

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