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MOT looms

Posted on : 19-10-2012 | By : Mark | In : Car Stuff


Bit of an expensive time carwise!

Post Norway trip replaced Front Wheel Bearings had a bit of fun getting the one to bed in properly had to give it 120nm +90-180º extra turn (something about dished washer not sitting flush), also noticed shock rubber split obviously on one rear and tyres have seem better days, ones from trip had one front badly worn on inner rim, I’d switched to my set of Tracklines with 2004 Conti’s on them, loads of tread sidewalls looked in great nick, only I noticed that rain channels very badly cracked (Dried out?) in must of the channels.


Had to bite the bullet for the  sense of safety.


Tyres 4 x new 205/50/R15 Sportrac3 and 2 x 185/55/R15 Quadtrac3 to replace bearing damage and 40,000+ miles of normal wear for my all season set to be of any use.

I replaced all four shock absorbers to make sure they were giving even damping response all round, when I replaced the shock absorbers not only was the one rear had split rubber in the lower mount the nearside front when dismantled was found to be leaking fluid a little, I’d taken a risk and not got new springs (lack of funds more than anything) I also fitted new Shock absorber bearing and bearing seats at the same time the old springs had some of the coating missing but were refitted as still the full length all round £179 inc delivery not to bad.


I took a risk and looking at ball joints and drop links they still look okay to me, here’s hoping the MOT thinks the same!


As long as MOT passes – fingers crossed – next thing is Wheel alignment needs checking as I have a small amount of left drift, possible that with all the disturbance to the suspension and wheel bearing etc, something is out, equally it could be the new tyres wearing off the release compound and moulding whiskers. I think it has reduced my MPG figures too?



So if I get past that what next can go wrong? Well I have taken the decision to remove the Bonalume clutch completely as I have come to the conclusion that it is its pressure plate that is knackering my clutch actuators, I know I only had the friction plate replaced last year but enough is enough, oh last week I also replaced my broken actuator connector, talk about fiddly getting the pins out of the old connector intact and transferring to new connector shell! I will be replacing the clutch with a standard Sachs clutch, if it has issues with my remap then that will go back to standard too!


Due to slopey drive I will have to do the clutch in my garage which is very restricted for space so that could be fun/nightmare!

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