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MOT sails through

Posted on : 23-10-2012 | By : Mark | In : Car Stuff


Got up early ish for 8:30 MOT at smart of Poole, the Roady sailed through without any advisories

Only comments were “you like copper slip don’t you?” and “is that the correct mileage?

Quite relieved if I am honest, even with all the precautionary work put in, something normally gets an advisory.


Then it was a quick jaunt to Protyre to get my wheel geometry checked out as I have felt that post the wheel bearing, suspension shock absorber and new tyres something was amiss, the car felt very keen to turn left especially at lower speeds at 60-70 in a straight line it was fine, also the MPG was down on what I normally get, at first I put it down to new tyres, release compound and moulding whiskers having an effect, but after a few hundred miles this was still evident, Sunday I discovered the two front tyres were imbalanced when cold the left being -2psi and the right +3psi on ideal setting, I corrected this and convinced myself yesterday that this had been the problem. Partly maybe, when I had my geometry checked today both fronts were excessively towing out causing drag and wierd low speed steering, once this was set properly the drive home there was a noticeable improvement in willingness to stay centred when required, also just on that short trip home, there was a visible increase in MPG, this was borne out by my commute to work this afternoon, hopefully that is that one put to bed.

Time to give my wallet a rest next on the agenda a B-service, then the Clutch replacement (DIY attempt!).

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