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Clutch change day 1

Posted on : 14-11-2012 | By : Mark | In : Car Stuff


Have started tackling this job


No going back now

I have started, I’ll jot things down here as I go along and then do a proper article when it’s complete.

As this may take a while as I am not going to do it as a weekend job just the odd few minutes here and there to fit in around other things.

Panels orft the back, wheel nuts loosened to make it easier when removing them later.

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Where do I store them?? decided against leaving them in the garden just incase the wind picks up one day and throws them around the garden! So made a bit of space in my computer room.

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Roady in garage, parking biased to give more room on gearbox side

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Battery disconnected gearbox drained I guess I am serious?? I think the Fluid is about 3 years old (could be older though) still quite red in colour which is a good sign I guess?

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Next I guess maybe the crash bar xmember and exhuast – then the upper parts while still omn the ground so easier to reach.

More at some point yet to be determined as to whether the fancy takes meĀ 

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