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Call me cynical

Posted on : 03-01-2013 | By : Mark | In : Uncategorized


I made a jibe about about celebs on Elite Dangerous Kickstart 12 hours back as to status of celebs and their intelligence!

I changed my KS name due to to many Marks

Cmdr Noogillim of “The Lamentation” about 12 hours ago
Re getting celebs on board even the ones who appear geeky on the whole are pretty thick tbh, they wouldn’t be interested in a none scripted world they would be out of their comfort zone.
Now if that isn’t a slap in their collective faces with a large gauntlet!
Feel free to chase me to the edge of the known verse and prove me wrong :-P

to get

Bil Irving [Planetoid] about 12 hours ago
@Mark Milligan: Dara O’Braian is anything but “thick”.

Just after a tweet appears

Dara O Briain ‏@daraobriain
Lots of gamers getting excited by this. Nearly at the dealine! RT @DavidBraben: – The Elite Kickstarter is here: http://kck.st/Qj52py –
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Mildy amused me

Who said I was talking about him ;-)

Probably a coincidence but funny all the same

Cheers To Dara for the exposure

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