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Duff Duff and Duff

Posted on : 01-06-2013 | By : Mark | In : Computer/Gaming stuff


Ordered a Accell mini DisplayPort to Single DVI Active connector from Amazon


to get my third display running from my Gigabyte HD 6950, diddly squat not a dicky bird not even the bios screen, tried various combo’s of display port and monitor types and DVI leads but no joy, sent it back and promptly the replacement arrived.


To be greeted with exactly the same – checks everything including manf’ website yup is correct type ie ACTIVE but no joy. At this point I begin to worry that graphics card display ports don’t work? eek that’ll be heckspensive! so I order a mini DP to DP lead and haul my PC to work where I can test it with a friends DP monitor, in seconds its working fine and from both display ports.

Was I likely to get two duff adaptors brand new? it seems so, unless ACCELL are mislabling them at the factory and actually packaging passive ones by mistake?


Anyways have now ordered a Startech and Dell equiv, we will see how they fair. I want to get my system running 3 monitors for gaming and more mundane desktop stuff you’d be surprised how handy the extra space is.

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