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Display port adaptors part 2

Posted on : 10-06-2013 | By : Mark | In : Computer/Gaming stuff


We I finally received the Dell/Bizlink Dual port DisplayPort to DVI adaptor and Sapphire mini DP to DVI adaptor and both functioned out of the box with no Gremlins.


I then went on to make a couple of stands to take up the height difference between my IIYAMA and Viewsonic (in the centre) monitors.

A simple piece of 10mm perspex cut to shape to allow IIYAMA monitor stands to sit on top, with addition of a row of tapped holes into which I fitted M4 perspex screws to facilitate heigh adjustment, this was illuminated from the rear by 3 LEDs to give a little glowing finishing touch.


[singlepic id=276 w=320 h=240 float=left][singlepic id=278 w=320 h=240 float=]

Duff Duff and Duff

Posted on : 01-06-2013 | By : Mark | In : Computer/Gaming stuff


Ordered a Accell mini DisplayPort to Single DVI Active connector from Amazon


to get my third display running from my Gigabyte HD 6950, diddly squat not a dicky bird not even the bios screen, tried various combo’s of display port and monitor types and DVI leads but no joy, sent it back and promptly the replacement arrived.


To be greeted with exactly the same – checks everything including manf’ website yup is correct type ie ACTIVE but no joy. At this point I begin to worry that graphics card display ports don’t work? eek that’ll be heckspensive! so I order a mini DP to DP lead and haul my PC to work where I can test it with a friends DP monitor, in seconds its working fine and from both display ports.

Was I likely to get two duff adaptors brand new? it seems so, unless ACCELL are mislabling them at the factory and actually packaging passive ones by mistake?


Anyways have now ordered a Startech and Dell equiv, we will see how they fair. I want to get my system running 3 monitors for gaming and more mundane desktop stuff you’d be surprised how handy the extra space is.

Elite Dangerous KickStart funding a Success

Posted on : 04-01-2013 | By : Mark | In : Computer/Gaming stuff


With hours to go the KickStart funding of the Elite Dangerous project is a success!

Later in the day we’ll see just how far we have managed to stretch above the initial goals.


[singlepic id=265 w=640 h=480 float=]

I’ve been busy elsewhere as of late

Posted on : 12-12-2012 | By : Mark | In : Computer/Gaming stuff


[singlepic id=264 w=600 h=600 float=]

Task switching

Posted on : 26-09-2012 | By : Mark | In : Computer/Gaming stuff



Easy way to hop between tasks via the right hand lower icon, scroll up or down as required to running task.

I need to tidy up

Posted on : 26-09-2012 | By : Mark | In : Computer/Gaming stuff


Some off the apps automatically installed that I think I should weed out some of the clutter amassed


Note these posts have all been performed on my N7

Video screen grab

Posted on : 26-09-2012 | By : Mark | In : Computer/Gaming stuff



Even whilst watching a video screen grabs are a sinch

Just playing

Posted on : 26-09-2012 | By : Mark | In : Computer/Gaming stuff



A quick example of the browser in use on the N7, screenshots are a doddle.

Still alive

Posted on : 25-09-2012 | By : Mark | In : Computer/Gaming stuff


Typically I’m being a slacker, work and home none based stuff taking priority over computer stuff, until now that is, I’ve had a ten year work gift and treated myself to a Blockedls?id=nexus_7_16gb" target="_blank">Google Nexus7 a bit easier doing site updates than on my Galaxy S.

A painless operation getting started, switched on signed into my Google account and it setup up with my existing apps.

Easy quick, a few differences with its hardware, like no mass storage devices but MTP gotten around after two hours of playing with the device and installing drivers on my PC! whereas others have not been able to activate for file transfer, effectively the unit is seen as a media device when connected via USB.

Case on order, more info as I work with it.

Droid 1 Apple 0

Posted on : 09-01-2012 | By : Mark | In : Computer/Gaming stuff


Missus got nuisance call on her iPhone – Apple in their wisdom don’t allow users to block calls?

Maybe so they can nuisance call I guess!

My Galaxy however by default allows blocking :-D

Apple pull your finger out I am not wishing to Jailbreak the phone yet – but your “Apple knows best attitude” stinks!